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 R & D strength
Adhere to the " soft strength first " principle, the integration of France, Italy, Spain and China and other countries of the well-known designers and artists resources, construction of boundary less international R & D team, formed a research and development design ability very can be; not regularly in Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other mining wind, exchange, with global vision, leading the classical the trend of furniture; keeping pace with the times, each year to customer needs as the guidance, the classic styles for improvement, and timely launch strategic category rich market competitiveness.

 quality assurance
The company is the manufacturer, has a profound furniture manufacturing skills, deep understanding of wood texture and performance, with a full set of international advanced equipment, a large number of senior technicians, engineers, machinists, be skilled in drying, bending, cutting, assembly of high difficulty movement, crafted, Seiko fine to do, just for casting exciting works.

 The connotation of the brand
Asnaghi£¬The true heritage of the classic romantic French furniture design essence, she is the combination of classical and modern beauty, her color aesthetic, style and elegant style, exquisite technology demonstrated excellence in quality.

 Professional team
The company attaches great importance to the team and professional occupation, adhere to the " employee growth, to promote enterprise development" concept, the training is the best welfare for employees. Especially pay attention to western culture and Chinese culture to the staff, and guide them to life and artistic understanding, into the product design and customer service, character to cast products, product brand to brand, win the future.

 Marketing guarantee
Standing in the " internationalization, globalization and modernization " in height, the integration of global high-end wisdom and resources, establish the innovative business model, build perfect and professional marketing team, expand the smooth marketing channel, forming a three-dimensional operating system, point to point, heart to heart " no " supervision and service for each franchisee.
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